Maidenhair Fern

maidenhair fern

Maidenhair fern refers to the Adiantum genus of about 200 different species that grow around the world. It grows well in the shady garden or bright, indirect areas of the home.

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How to Grow a Maidenhair fern

The plant typically grows in partial to full shade and prefer moist well-draining soil. These fern doesn’t tolerate dry soil.

Maidenhair fern prefers alkaline soil PH. When growing maidenhair fern indoors, keep it into the small containers. It is intolerant of low humidity or dry air from heating or cooling vents when grown in the indoor.

Maidenhair Care

Maidenhair fern is very easy to care. It needs to be kept moist as part of its maidenhair fern care, to be careful not to overwater the plant. Don’t let the maidenhair fern dry out. If it dries out, don’t throw it away give a good soak and it will eventually produce new leaves.

How to Propagate

While repotting use a clean knife or sharp spade to divide the roots. Plant each section in its pot and water well.  

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